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Canadian Grants Business Center has devoted all resources possible to assist the business minded individual into becoming an entrepreneurial success with our leading market research and development techniques. CGBC condensed some of the best ideas and tricks of the trades:

  • CGBC Advice


The first word of advice is that; it is a myth that working for yourself is easy! The rewards are often profitable but nevertheless, the effort must be present. Managing your time and balancing your obligations can be tiresome. On the positive side, you work when you want, with whom you want and you make your own business decisions. This is a very powerful force and the drive is amplifying along the road to success. Everyone has equal opportunities in the Business sector it is the how and when, with what that works! Resources flow from a direct result of hard work and easy angles. Knowing where the funding is and how to obtain it is the concept.


  • Business Plan


Whether starting a new business or simply adding new project or product to an existing company a business plan is recommended. Partners, investors, sponsors, or funding resources will want to see a well thought out plan of action. Graphs, models and projected figures are always encouraging. Simple basic information pertaining to the business and strong value points are creditable relating to creating an excellent business plan.


  • Government Resources


So many businesses have ample resources available to them. Funding is out there ready for the able participants who apply within the time frame allotted. Respecting the rules and regulations to programs that exist is a minor detail for a major award. Government grants, Government loans, and Government subsidies are available!

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  • Start-up Business


There are no limitations on how many businesses any one individual may own or participate in. Generally, anyone of any age can acquire their own business as long as they have the means and the skill to fulfill their desire. Starting a new business is exciting and ambitious. Monies are available to purchase new or existing businesses for whoever qualifies. Experience and dedication to your business start-up is the difference between succeeding and disappointment. Funding is available and is the easy part of this new adventure. Don’t let Money stop you from being your own Boss!


  • Human Resources


Hiring possibilities are endless. There is always someone who is a great candidate for any job. Finding the right person who fits your business model, may not necessarily be an easy task. A few noticeable things go along though. Candidates that tend to be reliable and honest will appear so, meaning they will be properly dressed and groomed. Polite gestures and kind words speak loudly about an individual. Age, sex, religion, race or size of the applicant should not determine their value to your business. Punctuality, reliability, along with credibility is the challenge they should be meeting for your business environment.


  • Marketing & Sales


Major marketing companies offer competitive rates for new or smaller businesses. Radio, Television, and Internet are powerful ways of streaming your sales. Promotion of goods or services is the only effective way to ensure steady sales. Team building meetings and general contests for the sale management produce positive results.



  • Cash Flow Management


Payroll cutbacks easily increase cash flow. See if there are full-timers who can take over part-time responsibilities or rotate the full or part-time staff bi-weekly. Accept credit cards or direct deposit as a method of payment for your clients this also saves waiting time for payments. Ask for payment upfront before the delivery of merchandise or services. Receivables can usually allow a lot of resources to be available for major lending facilities in order to inject a cash influx to your business.



  • Purchasing New or Existing Business


Ask to see the books, if this is an existing business your interested in purchasing. Appraise the worth of the business, its assets or liabilities against the purchase price. Access the possible gains with the rate of return on your financial obligations. Determine if ideas of profits are real and attainable. Make sure that there are no liens, levies or loans against the business that you may assume after purchasing this business. Be responsible, approach the business opportunity with an open mind and not be too anxious. Acquire insight towards resource funding available for the business sector you have intended on entering.



  • Real Estate


Is always being measured in terms of benefit or loss, some individual’s find that owning the building that their business is located in is a benefit. Others see this as an unnecessary expense. Both hold true depending on the needs of the business and the location. While leasing is generally the most cost-effective for tax purposes, it doesn’t hold any equity for the business. Ownership has its benefits as well as providing business equity and maybe even income potential. Leasing or selling off portions of the land or the building can generate resources just within itself.



  • Small Business Potential


Family owned and operated businesses tend to do extremely well for small business ventures. Salaries are easily manageable to accommodate the members of the family plus the added bonus off income to the household. There are many Government deductions and non-taxable benefits to small businesses. Occasional setbacks can occur, but in comparison to major corporations, small businesses have a better success rate. The business usual targets a smaller market or region and provides good quality service as opposed to fast and convenient which is not necessarily better.



  • Entrepreneurial Expertise


Sometimes what is taught in textbooks is not protocol for learning in business. Industry leaders are not only college graduates; many are the average hard working individual with a talent for their business choices. Proceed ahead with caution. Think rationally when implementing a new product, service or schedule. Deal breakers are not only because there is no funding, at times it is because it just wasn’t the best situation or product for that individual. Use basic skill when seeking knowledge, look for common areas of business then compare your ideas versus your competitor. Research goes a long way in the business sector. Early investment opportunities or new product inventions are the biggest money makers!


  • Assessing Faults


Remember that who you carry out business with on a day to day basis must be focused on the same business goals as you. Try to work with people you can respect and remain professional with at all times. Don’t leave other individuals to run your business, place confident strong management on many levels of authority in your absence. Make sure you are on top of your business and have measures in place for unforeseen circumstances. Partners, spouses, and employees are essential so be sure that wills and paperwork pertaining to any legal part of the business is solid and binding contracts. Even one man operations should focus towards future potential gains or misfortunes by being aware of current affairs.




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