Eligibility for Funding, Grants and Loans

CGBC, encourages everyone that owns or plans to start a business to apply for Government Grants, Government Funding, Loans, Small Business Grants and Government Subsidy Programs. Contact us to find out how!

Funds for programs are allocated on a case by case basis.

Government policy is to fund businesses on a non-discriminitory basis. People of all ages, locations, and industries may be eligible.  Small businesses receive funding as well as large businesses. The government is interested in encouraging businesses from all sectors of the economy. Some examples of business sectors include but are not limited to:


  • Farming & Rural Businesses
  • Construction & Red Seal Businesses
  • Resource Extraction
  • Manufacturing & Businesses that require Equipment Investment.
  • High Tech & New Economy Businesses
  • Retail & Small Businesses That Hire Staff
  • Small businesses that Show Growth Potential
  • Many other categories


Every Year there are new programs and revised requirements based on Government findings and industry needs.

People often feel discouraged when searching for funding: Overwhelming “red tape” of departments and intimidating amounts of paper work can lead to frustration.

Canadian Grants Business Center, helps businesses to understand the difficulties and opportunities presented to them. We will help you target the right funding options made available that meets your businesses needs.

CGBC will give you the chance to succeed. Take advantage of what you are entitled to.

Hundreds of opportunities for funding, loans, grants, and subsidies are available NOW.

YES you can apply to as many programs as you wish. Programs DO have deadlines! New ones are created and old programs are cancelled.

Be properly advised. Let the Canadian Grants Business Center assist you.


CGBC initialized a Funding Finder click here to see if you potentially Qualify!



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