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The Canadian Government has recently updated the funding framework for farms and agri-businesses for 2019 and beyond.

Government Farm Grants and Farm Loans are currently available to Canadian Farmers. Don't delay, contact Canadian Grants Business Center now to get the latest program details and apply today for funding.

Canadian Grants Business Center has created an easy tool for applicants to determine eligibility for current programs. If you would like to confirm your potential eligibility for Government Business Grants, Loans or Subsidies for a Farm, Agri-Business or other enterprise please use the Funding Finder.

The Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments have introduced a wide range of programs including grants, loans and other funding options for Canadian Farmers and Agri-Business.

Under current guidelines, producers of various agricultural commodities have a variety of funding options at their disposal. As an established farm owner, or new entrant into a particular sector, it is equally important to take full advantage of the programs that have been put into place by both the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments.

Of particular interest to farmers should be the targeted programs for particular geographic areas. Some of the areas of focus for programs include the Provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Farmers located in the high priority areas are encouraged to apply for funding in a timely fashion. Farm Grants and Farm Loans are just some of the funding opportunities that are currently available to Canadian producers.

We have live funding specialists standing by during the business day (9am-5pm EST), and we can be reached at:

Click here to contact us now!.

Farm Grants and Farm Loans may be available for many farms and agricultural businesses in Canada. Some of the types of projects that are often eligible for government funding include:

  • Farm Equipment purchase or leasing: Tractors, Combines, and other heavy farm equipment are some examples.
  • Building and leasehold improvements: Barn improvements, Fencing, land improvements.
  • Livestock and equipment tracking
  • Farm Technology upgrades: GPS equipment, Software, Computer Hardware etc...
  • On-farm energy efficiency programs: Renewable energy sources, water conservation projects etc...
  • Farm projects to reduce environmental impact: Waste reduction and re-use, can also be combined with energy efficiency programs (eg: bio-mass) etc...
  • Subsidies for Farm Employees: Hire staff from at home or abroad to satisfy peak period labor requirements.
  • Agricultural R&D

Take action now to access programs before funding is depleted. Recently funded programs have limited budgets. Applicants are served on a first-come-first-served basis.

Farmers looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the latest funding programs are encouraged to contact the Canadian Grants Business Center directly: Click here to contact us now!



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