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Canadian Grants Business Center helps small and medium businesses with Government grants, loans, subsidies and financing assistance needs.

Don't be overwhelmed by the information at your disposal. CGBC makes sense of all the information available and will point you in the right direction.

Canadian Grants Business Center, educates Canadians on funding programs that are offered through Government services that most businesses are unaware of. We can show you what funding programs, subsidies, and government grants are available and how to go about obtaining them. There are programs in many forms of Government grants, loans, subsidies and resources which you can apply for and many

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CGBC, let our highly trained counselors act on your behalf by aiding you in your endeavor of researching all funding possibilities to meet your Business needs. Committing ourselves to enable Canadian entrepreneurs to enjoy the successful financial freedom they deserve! The Government sets aside Billions yearly to inspire the Canadian dream and to enhance the economy.

You may be eligible for government grant and loan funding to help your business grow and succeed.

Our support will be the difference in your success.

CGBC, would like to share a few ideas on what is available for Start-up and existing Businesses. You can apply for a canadian business grant / government grants for:

  • Growth Potential
  • Capital Investment
  • Recruiting Employment
  • Agricultural Expansion
  • Acquiring Business Real Estate
  • Marketing Ideas & Securing Patents
  • Sponsoring Research and Development
  • Expenditure on Start-up or Existing Business

CGBC, can get you the assistance that you are entitled to. Apply for all government grants you may qualify for, including business grants. On a daily basis there is funding and financial assistances awarded to many Business Sectors including: Farming, Manufacturing, Energy, Services, Retail and more.

Government Grants and funding are applied on a case by case basis. When all funds are exhausted, then you will have to await for the next fiscal period. We strongly recommend that you don't delay. Don’t wait Apply today!

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Funding Programs for Canadian Farmers.

The Canadian Government has recently updated the funding framework for farms and agri-businesses for 2016 and beyond.

Under current guidelines producers of various agricultural commodities have a variety of funding options at their disposal. As an established farm owner, or new entrant into a particular sector, it is equally important to take full advantage of the programs that have been put into place by both the Canadian Federal and Provincial Governments.

Of particular interest to farmers should be the targeted programs for particular geographic areas. Some of the areas of focus for programs include the Provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Farmers looking to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the latest funding programs are encouraged to contact the Canadian Grants Business Center directly:

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Funding Programs for New Businesses

If you are starting a new business in the next 6 months, or have recently started a business, you need to access the newly updated programs for summer 2016. Make sure to get the current and updated information for programs for your business.

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Funding for Red-Seal Trades

The government has released updated programs for entrepreneurs in the red-seal trades. We are in the process of updating the program database to reflect the changes for summer 2016.

Contact us now to access the information on programs for Contractors, Electricians, Plumbers and Other Red-Seal trades. Get a leg up on the latest programs. Let us help you to get the funding to grow our business now.


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Canada Government Business Grants News

Five Expert Tips For Starting A Business

Starting your own company is not easy, but it's absolutely possible.  Everyday people are faced with challenges and potential setbacks, but throughout the process we have found five principles that help guide new business owners.  We hope these tips will also help you find success as you begin building your own business:

1.  Be Passionate about what you are doing. Whether you are talking to your friends, family, investors, or guests, your passion for your company should shine through. To become successful, you, your team members, and your customers have to love what you're doing. By showing others your passion, they will follow your leadership.

2.  Surround yourself with the right people. A great team needs more than a a great captain. You will have plenty of ups and downs in a startup. You need people you can count on in your personal and professional life who can be outlets, mentors, advisors, and friends.

3.  Treat people as people, not customers. Don't forget, the reason you are creating a business is for the benefit of others. Treat your customer the way you would like to be treated. Take the time to learn how they think and feel and why. Understand their overall experience, and learn how to improve it. Listen and learn from them, tehy will help you innovate.

4.  Learn from your mistakes. You’re going to make lots of mistakes. Don’t dwell on them, face your mistakes head on. Errors will teach you things you did not realize you needed to know. The biggest mistake you can make is not learning from the ones you make.

5.  Take time everyday to reflect on what you are doing right. One of life’s most common regrets is not following your intuition. There will always be things that need improvement. Every day, keep a minute to stop, sit and reflect on the journey that you had the courage to start. Now take this positive momentum and run with it.

For more informations and tools to help you start a business please visit us at: http://www.canadiangrantsbusinesscenter.com/contact.html


The 3 Easiest Ways For Your Small Business To Get Funding

A critical aspect for small businesses is funding. Many entrepreneurs can have successful ideas on paper, but without the proper financing, these ideas will never get off the ground. With Proper Financing from various sources like Loans or Government Grants, businesses can finance their operations through debt financing or non-repayable contributions.

Below are the top 3 easiest reasons for your business to get funding today!


Reason 1: Purchase Real Estate or Expand Operations

Getting financing to increase business space is a sign that the business is successful and wants to grow and become even more successful. Expansion will indicate a firm is turning a profit and has a positive cash-flow. This is a good sign for lenders as they see positive numbers today and even more positive forecasting numbers for the future. Companies applying for business grants towards expanding their operations are more likely to obtain the grant due to the economic growth the company will impact towards the economy

Reason 2 : Purchase Equipment

Small Businesses can use financing to obtain equipment. Through a loan, you can either buy or lease the equipment. With a loan, you can write off the acquisition through taxes, the first year you own the equipment and the deprecation of the equipment over the course of its life. Since you have this asset, a lender is more at ease to give you the financing needed. If you default on payments they can try to recuperate any money loss through selling of the equipment. Grant programs for equipment are much easier to obtain as the business case would usually be sound and jobs will most likely be created through this purchase.

Reason 3: Increase Inventory and Working Capital


Small Businesses looking to gain financing for inventory purchases are usually due to the seasonality of their sales. This would be a short-term loan that would be usually paid off after the season is over. It's a low risk for lenders  as the purchase orders may be spoken for prior to the money being lent.


Working capital is used for your day-to-day operations. A small business will need this capital to meet their needs until they start earning sufficient enough funds to cover their day-to-day. This is usually start-up capital. A short term loan can be obtained through financial institutions  with a sound business case and leveraged assets. There are many available government programs today that can help starting entrepreneurs get their start-up capital with a sound business case that shows an increase to the local economy in terms of job creation.


For information on how to obtain financing the Canadian Grants Business Center is the choice for you. With our years of research we will show you where and how to obtain financing for your business. Contact us today!


Seafood business receives funding for live crab storage

Jun 20th, 2016 Arichat, NS

The federal government has just presented $800,000 in business funding to support research and development in the seafood industry within two rural Cape Breton communities.

After years of research, NovaCan Live Seafood has developed technological capabilities of storing live snow crab for extended periods of time, allowing the company to export to new markets. This new design represents new technological advancements as there are no live snow crab storage operations currently in existence.

Support for the expansion comes as a $500,000 loan under the business development program to assist with the construction of the storage system. Upon completion, the facility will be capable of holding up to 150,000 pounds of live snow crab.

Many companies that process daily catches struggle to stay competitive and face new challenges such as attracting and maintaining a qualified workforce.

With assistance from the business development program, the University Sainte-Anne marine research centre will establish a mobile seafood processing unit that will serve as both a resource for the fishing industry as well as a training facility to help address demographic, geographic, competitive, and resource challenges. The federal government is contributing a $300,000 grant to the pilot program.

The project is intended to alleviate labor shortages in the fishing industry and create a seamless pathway between education and employment.

Nova Scotia is Canada’s largest exporter of fish and seafood, exporting approximately 125,157 tons of produce each year.





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