Top 3 Reasons Grants are Hard to Find | Print |

Federal, Provincial or municipal grant funding has been available for ages. But even today, not many people know about them. While the information is available to the average entrepreneur is not exposed to government grant funding for multiple reasons. Today we will list the top 3 reasons why small business grants are hard to find:

No Marketing: While there is a multitude of grant programs available, the government does not market them accordingly. While some programs may be pushed during election time, 95% of the time there is little to no marketing campaigns for these programs, online, on television, or on the radio.

Complicated Websites: Even when entrepreneurs are aware of government funding, to get the proper information to apply for the grant is a whole job within itself. Getting the administration of the fund’s contact info is extremely difficult. Searching online will yield little direct results, and once you do find the contact information, you need to know specifically what program you are looking for.

Banking and Loan Companies: Banks and Loan companies market everywhere for business financing. They make it easy to find, and easy to apply for. This ease of access to information is the reason why entrepreneurs look to business loans first before even considering a government grant.

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